I am originally from England, with a good touch of Irish roots on my father’s side. I came to Canada at 18 years old for adventure and discovery and found both!  It's been a lifelong dream to have a tea house.

It is the perfect mix of my love of hosting guests, making wonderful, homemade food and unwinding with a hot cup of good, strong tea. 

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The Watertown Tea House 

This vintage house dates back to the late 1880’s. While the interior has  recently renovated, we've gone to great lengths to preserve the beauty of the original features of the house. 

Originally, the house was a saddle shop on Dundas Street. It was a busy thoroughfare at the time. Leather goods, like saddles, reins and bridles, were made here on the premises and the local horse owners would come to get their horses fitted.


They would also have their horses shoed by the local blacksmith and during the renovation the owner found an original horseshoe in the basement.


Historically, horseshoes have always been viewed as a sign of good luck, so we now have it on display in the Tea House in tribute to the tea house’s history.